In scheduling an appointment it is important to include your name, age (I only see gentlemen 35 and older), general profession and some background on who else you have seen recently or if you are new, along with the details of your desired appointment
(day, time, and duration).

Covid Health Protocol


My location is not a hotel or my primary residence  It is used exclusively for visits, because of this the traffic entering is extremely limited.

Check In

It's important to evaluate how we feel the day of the scheduled appointment.  If there is even the smallest concern- cancelling is 100% okay and encouraged.


Linens are always replaced prior to each visit. This includes replacing hand towels after each appointment.


I always shower immediately proceeded all appts.  I ask that upon arrival visitors shower if you weren't able within the last hour to 90 mins.

Phone 303-349-1320
I attempt to update VM daily (during the week) with remaining availability for the remainder of the week.  Check in as often as you like!

*Please no texts if we haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, first contact must be through email or voicemail.

Emailing is advisable as I do not regularly carry this number with me.