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How do I make an appointment? 

Email is one of the best way to schedule a time to get together. 

Same day availability is rare unless I have a last minute cancellation. I am often, though not always, booked several days to a week or more in advance. I will schedule up to 3 weeks in advance.

I am available Monday through Friday, my morning gym classes are non-negotiable, so I'm generally available around Noon/ 1230pm.  I am not a night owl, I like to be home and getting ready for bed by 930pm, so the latest I can meet is 8pm.  With advanced notice weekends are doable with start times around 7, 730 or 8pm.

Texting- once we have met I'm happy to schedule through text, but if you are not in my phone you will not get a response to your texts- you must leave a VM or send an email.


When you contact me I will need to know your name, age and general profession; as well as an idea of who else you have seen recently (if any).  It is important that you include the date, time and length of the appointment you would like to arrange with me. 

*In Addition- A small introduction to tell me who I am communicating with is always appreciated, letting me know a little background helps.  The more precise you are, the easier and faster I can get back to you to set up the date!

"I really just enjoy friendly people"

Are you all- inclusive? 

Yes.  There are no hidden fees or extras that are not listed.  Tipping is not required and is always at the gentlemen’s discretion.

My services are best describes as GFE not PSE.  My reviews give a good picture of what one can expect and I prefer that those gentlemen wishing to see me have done a little homework.   Here are links to TER, TOB and P411.

What do you look for in the people you meet? 

I only see gentlemen over 35 years old, other than that, I just really enjoy friendly people.

I want to make sure our time together is enjoyable and a pleasant experience.  If I have any doubts about our compatibility, or if you are looking for something that I think, or know, I cannot provide, I will respectfully decline the invitation.


Do you take special requests?

I take only very limited requests, such as wearing a dress or thigh highs.  I do not Role Play or participate in Dom/ Sub.  I do not see couples, I am a one-on-one kind of girl.  I understand how desirable deep kissing may be to some, unfortunately it is something I don't do, however I absolutely love little kisses!

As far as clothing requests I am normally dressed in a robe or a cotton dress- I do not necessarily have “executive wear”, short skirts, varying colors of stocking or spandex.  Please ask yourself - would a close female friend have the item you are requesting in their closet?  If the answer is “no” then chances are, so is mine.

What should I know about Etiquette? 

We both want our time together to be all that it can be. With that in mind, etiquette is probably what you think it is. 
          Please wash up prior and freshen your breath.

          Please place your donation in clear view.

          If you need to use the shower, just let me know prior to arrival.

Relax, be yourself:)  And be prepared to spend a few minutes talking about yourself, I like to warm up with a little small talk, not to be intrusive, but because it helps me connect better.

Gift Ideas

If you're thinking you'd like to bring a gift,  I am very appreciative of the gesture!  Here are some ideas~

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