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About me

Summer 2023 Availability 
Incall only~ North Denver Metro
Monday- Friday Noon- 8pm
Weekends advanced notice 7/8pm

*Please note that, while not always the case, I am often booked several days to a week or more in advance.

30 min             $260
1 hour             $380
90 minute        $500
2 hour             $600
Each Add. Hr over 2 Hrs   $200


Want to hear what's available? I try to update my VM daily (during the week) with remaining availability for the next several days.  Feel free to call as often as you like to check my schedule- 303.349.1320

My Story

I am a mature companion- god that sounds awful!  Pre Covid I celebrated turning 40 in Belize, diving with nurse sharks, snorkeling with rays and cave inner tubing. 

I like to be active and outside (especially when it's warm). I've had a chance to scuba and jet ski in Grand Cayman, Hot Air Balloon in Moab and visit Virginia Beach.  My most recent local trips were  to southwestern Colorado- rafting in Buena Vista, hiking the Sand Dunes and exploring Mesa Verde.

I would describe myself as the woman you run into in the hardware store, in sweatpants, a T-shirt and a ponytail, who knows the aisle of everything she is looking for. 

I am also the girl who gets her nails done every 2 weeks religiously, loves a good long spa day, soft massages (not hard), and isn't afraid of a serious laser peel. 

I am frequently in workout gear and love my morning classes- anything from a good sweat in Body Combat, weight lifting in Body Pump, a little flexibility with Pilates or a wiggle in Zumba. 

I prefer laid back to pretentious, I don't smoke and rarely drink. A perfect weekend morning is watching HGTV with a Santiago's breakfast burrito and a large Mountain Dew.


Yeah- that's me.


I was born in the Midwest, I earned my freckles detasseling corn and my driving test didn't require me to know how to parallel park.  I grew up there and here in Colorado. 


While I regularly enjoy the gym I would describe myself as athletic but curvy.  Despite my daily workouts I'm a good Midwestern girl and I haven't met a potato I didn't like;)


I ABSOLUTELY love what I do and have had the pleasure of meeting gentlemen from all over the world and had the opportunity to travel to amazing places like Paris, Switzerland, Amsterdam and Tahiti. The companions I enjoy most are those that are willing to share a little about themselves- a funny life story, sometimes a piece of great advice. 


One of my faults (other than run on sentences) is that it rarely occurs to me to give a compliment until after the fact, but I really truly appreciate that I have been fortunate enough to meet so many wonderful people, shared so many soft whispers and laughed at countless stories.


Please take a look around my site for photos, frequently asked questions, and my schedule. If you would like to set up a time to meet, I would love to hear from you. 

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